Get Bigger Lips with Makeup

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Do you want bigger lips? If you’re like most women, the answer is probably yes! Having bigger and fuller lips is often depicted as beauty, giving the face a more attractive look. That is why it is common for women to wear makeup to make their lips look better. Luckily, there are a few … Read more

What are the Different Types of Makeup Used in Hollywood?

What are the Different Types of Makeup Used in Hollywood

Most women regard makeup as an essential tool in their daily beauty arsenal, which they use to improve the way they look, conceal imperfections, add color, and make them feel more confident about themselves. Yet, these cosmetics devices transcend being a mere part of a lady’s armory. In Hollywood movies, there are … Read more

Mineral Makeup VS. Other Types of Makeup

Mineral Makeup VS. Other Types of Makeup

Makeup has been around since ancient times, and back then, people would mix burnt almonds, metal, the pigment of berries, and lead-based cosmetics to create their makeup. There was even a time when arsenic was unintentionally used just to achieve flawless beauty.  Today, makeup is still used to enhance faces and disguise … Read more

Guide to Mineral Makeup

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Since the modest mineral makeup revolution started during the mid-70s in San Francisco, it never left the trend. Today, mineral makeup is a common part of the cosmetics market, and more people are beginning to make the switch as it promotes healthy, glowing, and naturally smooth-looking skin. Not only that but popular … Read more