What Are the Popular Beauty and Fashion Video Games?

A subsection of the simulation genre is beauty and fashion games. Players can unlock numerous clothes, dress up avatars, and take shots of them wearing their adorable outfits through the game. Other mechanics, such as puzzles, simulations, and occasionally others, are frequently used.

The games are also more laid-back than most other gaming genres (like these 80s arcade games). Additionally, there are a plethora of fashion games on the internet and app stores. The following are some of the most popular beauty and fashion video games currently available. We also recommend you to try to play the most reputable Fashion Roulette

Covet Fashion

It’s simple to see why Covet Fashion is the most popular fashion game on the app stores. It provides you the option of dressing up models of different shapes, sizes, and skin tones. 

You can change their makeup and hair, and their clothing. Covet Fashion is unusual because it employs real-life fashion companies for its apparel and accessories, so if you like fashion, you’ll love this game!

The game provides you with many themed tasks that demand you to dress up your model in specific ways to gain prizes such as in-game currency and rare apparel. Players can vote on challenges to select the victors, and you can enter Fashion Houses to mingle with other users and win other unique prizes. There are a ton of outfits to pick from for your models in this game.

Stardoll Stylista

Stardoll Stylista is a mobile version of the popular Stardoll web-based dress-up game. You may dress up the dolls in various costumes and hairstyles, and you can also do their makeup (there’s a separate runway for just different types of makeup and hair looks).

One of the most distinguishing features of Stardoll Stylista is the extent to which you may customize hair and makeup. The makeup is applied piece by piece so that you can pick your favorite lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and so on. It gives you plenty more options in dressing the dolls. 

When it comes to your doll’s face, there are also additional customization possibilities. You can choose from various face shapes, brows, noses, and other features. Even though all body types are similar, you can modify the pose your doll walks down the runway, which is a great touch.

Love Nikki—Dress Up Queen

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen

Love Nikki: Dress Up Queen is a relatively new game on the market. It’s essentially an English version/translation of Miracle Nikki, a popular Asian game. The game’s main focus is on dressing up Nikki, the eponymous girl, but there’s more to it than it seems!

You can play through the main story (which is fully voiced). Still, there are also competitions and free-dressing, special arenas where you can compete against other players, various stores where you can buy clothing to complete Nikki’s vast wardrobe, and unique time-limited events in the game that run every few weeks!

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood

Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a combination of a dress-up game and a role-playing game. You begin as her assistant, and you have the option of dressing your avatar in several outfits and hairstyles. The game’s purpose is to earn your way up inside the celebrity scene and live a life similar to Kim Kardashian’s in real life.

Although it’s not to say that the game’s major focus is on dressing up, it’s certainly an excellent choice for enthusiasts of the genre. As you progress through the game, more clothing options become available, and it’s a lot of fun to choose outfits, haircuts, and makeup for your character. Many of the outfits are based on real-life Kim Kardashian pieces, so if you enjoy the Kardashians or the family’s style, you’ll love this game!

Star Girl


Star Girl is a role-playing game in which you design an avatar and play as an aspiring celebrity. The basic goal of the fashion game is to work (either as a model, singer, or actor—or all three), shop for outfits, and date other stars. There’s a huge selection of clothing to choose from, and they’re all beautifully created and detailed.

Celebrity dating can be a lot of fun if you don’t get too engaged. There are various celebrity parodies in the game (for example, Will Smith’s avatar is identical to the actor), and you may go on dates with them and have them call you and spend time at your house. The objective of the boys, on the other hand, is that they’ll offer you three gifts, all of which are usually unique clothing items.

There are also a few mini-games if that doesn’t sound like enough fun. The mini-games are a means for you to gain money and new outfits. A Bejeweled/Candy Crush clone, a matching game, and a spin-the-wheel game are all included.

Fashion Star Boutique

If you prefer the design aspect of fashion, this is the game for you! Fashion Star Boutique puts you in the shoes of a new fashion label, and it’s up to you to please your new clients (celebrities and otherwise) by creating the outfits they want for red carpet events and parties.

You can choose from various clothes templates, decals, patterns, sequins, buttons, colors, zippers, and more in this game. In your virtual shop, you can even “sell” your designs. If you enjoy clothes design, this game is a great deal of fun and allows for a lot of creativity.

Fabulous—Fashion Angela’s Fever

Fabulous—Fashion Angela’s Fever will be simple to play if you’ve ever played the Delicious or Diner Dash game series. This game includes more linear gameplay, in which you progress through 90 levels of Angela’s dreams of becoming a fashion designer. She enters a reality show to achieve success, and you get to assist her in getting there.

Because this is mostly a “time management” game, your goal is to quickly serve clients in the retail store, assisting them in trying on outfits, restocking shelves, providing advice, and ringing them up at the counter. 

There are also mini-games in which you can design clothing. Fans of both the time-management and fashion genre will enjoy this!

Fashion Story

Fashion Story is yet another game that immerses you in the world of fashion, this time as the owner of your retail store. You can buy apparel and accessories, arrange your store, stock your shelves, and sell items in this game.

The game also undergoes regular updates with new apparel and themes (particularly during the seasons), enabling you to change your inventory and offer different items whenever you like!